Saturday, March 12, 2005


Ever read DRAGON RIDER by Cornelia Funke?

If you have then you know why I drove over 2 hours last night to get books signed by German author, Cornelia Funke. The signing was held at Hicklebee's in San Jose and it was CROWDED! I got there early so I could buy a book and get assigned my place in line. I was #25 of over #150.

Kids swarmed around Cornelia and grew silent when she began to read from her wonderful fantasy novel, DRAGON RIDER. Although German is her language, she spoke perfect English. After reading, she answered questions revealing that INKHEART's sequel which is titled INKBLOOD in German will be called INKSPELL when it's translated in English. And it's coming out in October! I'm as eager to read this book as I am the 6th Harry Potter coming out on July 16th.

It took 2 hours before I got my books signed. And I took this chance to ask Cornelia, "What can you tell me about INKSPELL?" She answered that Dustfinger will return to the book and others will follow ... but not Eleanor. And that's all I know...have to wait till October to find out more.

Also she said that THIEF LORD has been filmed with British actors, but she doesn't know it the movie will be shown in the US. And her other books will probably end up as movies, too.

Another surprising thing she revealed is that she's been famous in Germany for a long time--and has 42 books published there. But only 3 so far in America. Fans (like me!) have a lot to look forward to.

When she signed my copy of DRAGON RIDER, she drew a small picture of a dragon's head. Way cool!

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