Wednesday, December 12, 2018


I've been writing for over 3 decades and have sold over 50 children's books.

Sometimes I'm asked about that first sale, the most memorable one, the one that changed my life from aspiring writer to published author.

Since I have kept diaries and journals most of my life, I have that monumental day recorded. And here it is:


August 15, 1988 – I’m running off final Chapter of ALMOST TWIN off. I still haven’t heard anything from editor or agent. Not even more rejections – I’m glad of that anyway.

August 18, 1988 – Sent TWIN out to Willowisp yesterday. Wish I knew what was going on with them. I want to be published so much that I’m perpetually upset over it—never far from my thoughts.

September 16, 1988 – I am in shock…I guess. I can barely think. I’m afraid to. I had THE CALL. From Willowisp. I don’t even remember her name. When she said “Willowisp” my mind raced. Nothing definite, of course, but she likes TWIN. She’s going to present it at a meeting next Weds. Then she'll call me. Wow! My critique group meets next Weds—what an ironic situation considering I always dreamed of being called ruing my critique meeting. But I’ll be devastated if the answer is “no.”
The funny thing is I’ve been expecting a call. I just couldn’t see them turning down all 3 stories. I know they’re good. But I feel ashamed-scared-to admit I expected to make it. Now I have to. HAVE TO!

September 21, 1988 – WEDS
The house is clean. The kids are at school. My weight is down…since I’m too nervous to eat. Will I get THE CALL? If so, WHEN? If so, will the answer be YES?
1:20PM – No call…yet. There’s still hope, but it’s dwindling fast…Why don’t they call? And I won’t be home tomorrow. Call! Call! Call! I need to know. I’m afraid to check the mail, leave the house for any reason. It’s already 4:30 on the East Coast—maybe too late already. Damn! I hate this!

2PM – No call. I’m a failure. I feel so wretched.

2:30 PM – I’m accepting the fact that there won’t be a phone call today. I’m miserable. I can’t feel bad forever. Writing isn’t easy. But I can’t give up. I know TWIN, PENNY and MILKY WAY are good stories.

7:15PM – HEARD FROM WILLOWSIP. Talked to Teri for nearly an hour. I have to rewrite everything; younger than I’m used to. I’m scared, but know I can do it.

ALMOST TWINS was published in 1991. My first book.
PENNY never sold.
MILKY WAY was completely rewritten and the first book in the DEAD GIRL WALKING trilogy (2008--20 years later)