Monday, August 29, 2005


My first contest for kids (ages 8-12) went so well, I'm starting a new one
with $100 for the first place winner. It's an essay contest with a 250
word maximum.

The first contest's topic was ALIEN PETS to celebrate my midgrade
adventure OH, NO! UFO. This time the topic is magic under the sea to
celebrate my just released mermaid mixup, SEA SWITCH.

For more information go to my website and click on essay contest:

Monday, August 15, 2005

Look for SEA SWITCH soon!

My publisher sent an advance copy of the third STRANGE ENCOUNTERS book, SEA SWITCH, and I read through it right away. It's about a wicked mermaid who tricks Cassie and switches places with her - leaving Cassie in trouble under water and sentenced to a mermaid jail. Lots of fun and surprises.

I'm still writing the 4th THE SEER book, SWORD PLAY. Should hit the 100 page mark today if I get busy writing.

A week ago I had a great time at an annual children's writing conference in Los Angeles. I talked to many writers and attended workshops with editors, agents and a few famous authors (like Rosemary Wells and Bruce Coville). They had an American Idol type competition where instead of singing, entrants performed their book-related school talks -- and my own roommate Verla Kay was a finalist. A new friend Dianne de Las Casas was also a finalist.

Next month I'll announce a new writing contest for kids titled "Magic Under the Sea" because SEA SWITCH takes place in a magical world under the sea. I may allow 250 words instead of 200 this time, and I plan to add a 3rd place award also. It'll run from Sept. to January, so there will be plenty of time to send in entries.

Check back here for more contest news.