Saturday, August 17, 2013

Will you remember yourself in the future?

If you're a teen reading this, you may think you will definitely remember your pets, your phone number, your best friends, your teachers and everything about yourself in twenty, thirty...fifty years from now. And if you're lucky you will.

My memory isn't that great, and I seemed to know this when I was a teen.

Here's a journal entry I found from when I was 14:

(Writing it to myself)

Since sometime in the future you'll forget all about yourself, I'd better tell you about yourself.
* You're 14.
* Lori Leann Jones is your best friend.
* I have a small kitten named Toby. Powder Puff has adopted it. The kitten even tries to nurse on her. He's gray.
* Recently Lori and I have been making yarn dolls. My recentest is a genie. I named her Jeanie Lorraine. She's real cute. I'm making an alligator but he isn't turning out well.
* This June 24th I'll be really having fun at Lori's garden club picnic. It's going to be so fun.
* I've been waiting weeks for Margaret Sutton to write. So far she hasn't. Boo hoo! I wonder if she's getting tired of writing (to me). I sure hope not.

(I have to add this next entry)....

June 15th -- Margaret Sutton wrote!

(She was my favorite author and also gone now she'll always be my favorite). You can read more about her at

5 Questions for Blog Hop

Prepare to be SHOCKED!

Well, at least not bored as I answer five questions for a blog hop.
I promise to be brutally honest.

What are you working on right now?
After requests from THE SEER fans, I am writing a new THE SEER book.
This is not #7 in the series. It's not a prequel.
So what does that leave you might wonder -- it's a THRILLER!
A stand-alone title featuring all the favorite characters from THE SEER.
And for those fans who always ask for more of the romance with Dominic and Sabine--YES! That's going to be a huge plot. Dominic wants to take their relationship a step further--yup, you guessed it--he's planning to propose marriage. But is Sabine ready yet? Stay tuned while I write....

How does it differ from other works in its genre?
The stand-alone THE SEER is different because it's a younger YA -- the opposite of NEW ADULT genre. My target audience is readers from age 10 up...and for those adults who enjoy lighter YA books, which still deal with some serious issues, but without violence, sexual scenes or adult language. I'm not a prude or anything, in fact you'd be surprised at the wicked bad-taste teasing I'll do in private. But I have a softer, gentler view of people and believe there's good in everyone, and like to show in my writing that all souls in this world are connected and important.

Why do you write what you do?
I love to tease readers. Cliff-hangers are my specialty! I love to play with words, create worlds and embrace readers with my passion for books.

What is the hardest part about writing?
The business end. Even after over 2 decades of publishing, rejections still sting--especially when a rejection comes from someone I trusted. And I lose faith in my own least for a few days of a pity-party. Then I brush off my damaged ego and try again. I'll never give up.

What is something unique you want readers to learn about you?
Unique? I don't think I'm that different from other writers -- and we're all a little crazy. Just yesterday I met with two writer friends and we were talking about our characters like they were real people. "I'm really going to make life difficult for her," I said about my character Sabine. "She'll stress out worrying that one of her friends is going to die and not knowing who--and I'll toss in some zombies, too."

Anyone listening to us would think we were plotting wicked acts--even murder.
Definitely not the kind of onversation non-writers have -- but it's sure fun!
Most writers I know think they're a little crazy. Not in the straight-jacket way, but crazy with creativity. You have to be a little crazy to stay sane in this business.


Read more about THE SEER via links on in two FREE short stories.

Friday, August 16, 2013


I’ve been invited to join this Children’s Author Blog Hop by fellow author Kay Lalone.

She answered a set of questions at her blog, The Children’s and Teens’ Book Connection. She has tagged me to participate, and in turn I’ll tag three authors who will be posting their answers at their blogs.