Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Magic Under the Sea contest results

My 2nd essay contest for kids has ended. The topic was MAGIC UNDER THE SEA and 8-12 year olds were invited to mail in essays 250 words or less. The entries were all very creative! Magical mermaids, sea turtle riding and dangerous sharks. I was very impressed with all the essays and wish to thank everyone who entered for your hard work. I was only going to award five Honorable Mentions, but they were so good I added two more.
Here are the results:
$100 First Place: The Adventures of Porpoise Pete by John-Paul Heil (PA)$50
Second Place: Sparkels Are Forever by Niveditha Raghavan (CA)
$25 Third Place: Cassie and Roxi Find the Most Beautiful Treasure of All! by Cassandra Rozinsky (TX)

Honorable Mentions (free autographed book prizes):The Finding by William Kikoski (Arizona)
Trouble Underwater by Adam Calindo (TX)
A Dream Under the Sea, or Not by Trinity Noble (NE)
The Day I Traveled Under Water by Johnathan Graves (SC)
Elephant Heaven by Drake Winn (SC)
Under Water Magic by Margaret Anne Christie (SC)
The Magical Sand Dollar by Jonathan Melchiorre (NJ)

Congratulations! I'll mail prizes soon.

Monday, January 09, 2006


MAGIC UNDER THE SEA essay contest for kids has ended and results will be posted to this blog and my LiveJournal blog this week. So stay tuned!

Also, the 3rd THE SEER book, WITCH BALL, is out. I haven't seen it in stores yet. If you see it in a store, post where and how many copies. Thanks!