Monday, March 28, 2011

Why I don't post here more often

I would love to use this blog more, but even though I've had this blog for many years, I only have 48 followers, while on Facebook I have around 2,000.

But I will post when I have something to share.

Here's what's been happening lately. The biggest news is that I saw the cover for my next book. This book, BURIED, is a spin-off from THE SEER series starring Thorn. She moves to Nevada after her family loses their house. KC moves with her family and gets a job. Thorn meets a dangerous guy with a big secret who intrigues her. She has contact with Sabine by phone. And she solves a murder mystery. The cover is classy with a rusty background and the frame of a portrait with a Goth girl peeking out. I'll share it when I get permission.

I'm writing a futuristic book and am around 200 pages into it; 2/3rds finished.

Come back in May -- I'm going to announce which of my books will be a free Amazon download for the month of May.