Sunday, February 22, 2009


Okay, here's the contest announcement.

Introducing a new contest to make your own DEAD GIRL DANCING video!

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DEAD GIRL DANCE is a contest to celebrate the release of Linda Joy Singleton's new book, DEAD GIRL DANCING. To enter simply create a video of your creative idea of what a "Dead Girl Dance" should look like. You can film yourself, your friends, your pets, dress up in costumes or whatever you want. Just be sure to follow the rules below.

Here are the rules and prizes:

1. To quality, the video's title must include: "Dead Girl Dancing Contest?. I prefer you post it on You-Tube but other sites are okay.

2. Keep it PG -- no swearing, nudity, crudeness or violence.

3. Since this contest is to celebrate the new book, DEAD GIRL DANCING (Flux Books), including the book cover or references to the series in the video would improve chances to win.

4. Once you've created a video, email with the URL and your contact information in case you are chosen as a winner. By entering, you claim you are the creator and owner of this video.

5. Just have fun and dance like a "Dead Girl."
Contest ends March 31st and the winners will be emailed (so include your contact information).

A panel of authors will choose the winning video. The most fun, original, creative video that's shows the spirit of the DEAD GIRL series will receive:

1st place: * DEAD GIRL WALKING and DEAD GIRL DANCING (autographed) books
* Your name on the dedication page of a future Linda Joy Singleton book.
* Your video link featured on the author's blogs.
2nd place: * A book of choice by Linda Joy Singleton

Please pass this around on your blogs and start the contest NOW!

FYI -- For ideas check YouTube DGW book trailer:

Friday, February 20, 2009


Today I was visited by Diane from the Galt (CA) library. I stop in there about every other week and recommend my favorite books to Diane, rent books & audio books, and share my latest publishing news. Yesterday I had a new book to show off -- DEAD GIRL DANCING which I donated to the Galt Library.

I lived in Galt for 16 years and I continue to do a writing contest for kids (with writer Danna Smith) at an elementery school. Even though I moved further into the foothills, I still have very fond feelings toward Galt, so I enjoy coming back for book-related events.

My upcoming event will be on March 14th at the library. I'm going to give an overhead picture presentation of "Girl Power Through Ages and Pages," showing book covers from the late 1800's through present, and sharing how books inspired girls to dream and achieve. For instance, THE AIRPLANE GIRLS, published in 1911, featured adventrous girls flying planes and solving mysteries before women could wear pants or vote.

I've only given this presentation a few times and it's always so fun. With a personal library of over 5,000 mostly series books, I have plenty of beautiful, dramatic, amazing artistic book covers to show. Plus the stories offer many surprises. I share series gossip like:

* What girl series sweetheart had an inappropriate relationship with her father?
* Which 1980's girl heroine was the first to discuss having to go pee while kidnapped for hours (not Nancy Drew who had several-day bladder)?
* And what vintage girl series was actually written by a famous male author?

Guess even one of those and I'll mail you a signed bookmark.

I offered to donate some of my collection to display in the Galt Library's glass case. So Librarian Diane was here today choosing what to use. I had more Nancy Drew items than anything else (1957 game, lunchbox, diary, T-shirt, MadLibs, doll, etc) so she decided to use mostly Nancy items. We added some books from other series, too, like Penny Parker, Judy Bolton and Kay Tracey.

My series book collection will be on display during March. I've never done this before and am looking forward to sharing my favorite things.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to Finish a Book

Advice I just gave a teen who posted on my MySpace page:


* Write a page or two every day.
* After a month, you have a chapter or more.
* By a year there's a book taking shape, if not finished.
* Then you go back and rewrite so it sparkles and shines.
* Rewrite some more.
* Repeat.

It's work. Hard work -- but so enjoyable it feels like play

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


DEAD GIRL DANCING will be published in: 19 Days!!!

DEAD GIRL DANCING continues the story of high school Amber Borden who's bad sense of direction landed her in the wrong body. Now due to an impulsive promise to her dead grandmother, Amber is back to her body-switching adventures.

Here's the opening page:
Chapter One

I could not believe I was in the wrong body—again!

Memo to self: Never make a promise to a dead grandmother.

Yesterday when I’d talked to Grammy Greta via an out-of-body-experience, she’d said I had a talent for helping people and I’d make a good Temp Lifer. On the other side my grandmother has this important job of Earthbounder Counselor where she gives humans in crisis a time-out from their lives by sending in temporary replacements. I was so flattered by her praise that I’d promised to help her any time. But I hadn’t expected to switch me into someone else’s body right away—especially the body of my boyfriend’s sister Sharayah.

Standing in front of a full length mirror, I stared at shoulder-length dark hair, curved cheek bones, an eyebrow ring and shocked eyes. Transforming from a high schooler to a college girl didn’t sound bad in theory; being mature and of legal age for a few days could be a cool experience. But being my boyfriend’s sister was sooo going to ruin my love life. Eli and I hadn’t seriously kissed yet--and now even thinking about kissing him was illegal and immoral.

I mean, how could I make out with my boyfriend when I was his sister?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Blog Girl Interviews ME

Check out the interview where I reveal all my deep, dark secrets.....The URL is