Tuesday, February 10, 2009


DEAD GIRL DANCING will be published in: 19 Days!!!

DEAD GIRL DANCING continues the story of high school Amber Borden who's bad sense of direction landed her in the wrong body. Now due to an impulsive promise to her dead grandmother, Amber is back to her body-switching adventures.

Here's the opening page:
Chapter One

I could not believe I was in the wrong body—again!

Memo to self: Never make a promise to a dead grandmother.

Yesterday when I’d talked to Grammy Greta via an out-of-body-experience, she’d said I had a talent for helping people and I’d make a good Temp Lifer. On the other side my grandmother has this important job of Earthbounder Counselor where she gives humans in crisis a time-out from their lives by sending in temporary replacements. I was so flattered by her praise that I’d promised to help her any time. But I hadn’t expected to switch me into someone else’s body right away—especially the body of my boyfriend’s sister Sharayah.

Standing in front of a full length mirror, I stared at shoulder-length dark hair, curved cheek bones, an eyebrow ring and shocked eyes. Transforming from a high schooler to a college girl didn’t sound bad in theory; being mature and of legal age for a few days could be a cool experience. But being my boyfriend’s sister was sooo going to ruin my love life. Eli and I hadn’t seriously kissed yet--and now even thinking about kissing him was illegal and immoral.

I mean, how could I make out with my boyfriend when I was his sister?


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Mary Cunningham said...

Amazing story, Linda!! Best wishes with the new book!

Linda Joy Singleton said...

Thanks Sharonanne and Mary!

I got two early copies of DGD today and was told the books will be shipping out soon. So preorders should get them within a few weeks.