Monday, October 06, 2008

NEWSLETTER from THE SEER Author to Fans

Hi! From Linda Joy Singleton

BIG NEWS: The first book in my new DEAD GIRL series came out September 1st. Finally it's out!!! I'm so excited!See the cover & review at: (Barnes & Noble stores haven't been stocking my book, so please ask them to carry it if you get the chance)

MORE DETAILS: DEAD GIRL WALKING, the first DEAD GIRL title, is a paranormal dramedy about 17 year old Amber who has such a bad sense of direction, that when she had an out-of-body experience, she lands in the wrong body -- of a popular, gorgeous, rich girl who just committed suicide. Then Amber has to race against time to return to her body before it's donated for organs. Along the way, she gets kissed, is stalked by a Dark Lifer, witnesses a miracle, hangs out with the popular group and falls in love.

DEAD GIRL TWO: I've already written the second book in the DEAD GIRL series, titled DEAD GIRL DANCING, which finds Amber once again in the wrong body, but this time being stalked by a Dark Lifer while she goes on a road trip and gets wild on spring break. I'm currently writing the third book, DEAD GIRL IN LOVE.MORE SEER NEWS: If you're a fan of THE SEER series, stay turned to my MySpace blog for an announcement of where you can read a short story I wrote called DOMINIC'S VOLCANO, which goes back into Dominic's mysterious past and explains how he learned to communicate with animals, found his falcon and met Sabine's grandmother. I posted the opening paragraph on .

EVEN MORE SEER NEWS: Summer of 2009, Llewellyn/Flux will rerelease all five THE SEER books in a larger, dramatic format. And in the reprinted DON'T DIE DRAGONFLY, the short story DOMINIC'S VOLCANO will be an added bonus. With this new format, the odds of my being asked to write a 6th book increase. So fingers crossed!WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW: If you have any questions about my books, my pets, my speaking engagements, or writing in general, just ask! I love hearing from readers.

Linda Joy Singleton Whisper to Psychic Medium, Sabine , in THE SEER series:#1. DON'T DIE, DRAGONFLY #2. LAST DANCE#3. WITCH BALL #4. SWORD PLAY #5. FATAL CHARM DEAD GIRL series: #1. DEAD GIRL WALKING - NOW OUT! #2. DEAD GIRL DANCING - Spring 2009/Flux

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Book, DEAD GIRL WALKING, is out!!!

Amber has such a bad sense of direction that after an out of body experience, she makes a wrong turn and lands in the body of the most popular, gorgeous, rich girl at school -- who just committed suicide. Then it's a race against time for Amber to return to her own body before her organs are donated.

DEAD GIRL WALKING is the first book in the DEAD GIRL series from Flux -- and I'm excited that it's finally out! It's already available on Amazon and will soon show up in bookstores. To read the first chapter check out the "Book" link of my website .

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Read the first chapter of DEAD GIRL WALKING

DEAD GIRL WALKING, the first book in my Flux DEAD GIRL series comes out September 2008.

It's about Amber, an over-achieving high school senior with such a bad sense of direction that when she has an out-of-body experience she lands in the wrong body.

There will be three books in this series. DEAD GIRL GONE WILD will be out summer 2009.

Also in summer of 2009, THE SEER series gets a new look! The five books will be rereleased in a larger trade format. Yay!

For a sneak preview of the first chapter of DEAD GIRL WALKING go to my main website and click on BOOKS.