Saturday, October 23, 2004

Halloween Party

Tonight my family is having our annual Halloween-Birthday party.
I wasn't going to dress up, but found a purple skirt and glittery purple jacket in my closet and have decided to go as a fortune teller. My best friend, Lori, who shares my birthday will be there with her family. I'm eager to see her new granddaughter, Olivia.

I've started to write the third THE SEER book. It'll either be titled WITCH BALL or PREDICTION-ITIS. I'll let my editor decide (since they often change my titles anyway!). It's going to involve a carnival fundraiser, deadly predictions, romantic complications and the continued search for missing charms.

I posted a new picture of myself on my old website under Linda Facts. It shows a glimpse of my future home during construction. It'll be a two-story home with an office and library on the top floor. The view is fabulous. I hope we can move in by next March.

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday.
When we were young, Lori and I used to love going trick-or-treating. We always made our own wild costumes and carried our candy in pillow cases. A few times, we took our wrapped candy and hid it all around our bedrooms, so that we wouldn't eat it too fast. It was fun to discover a piece of candy in a drawer, pocket or shelf months later. Luckily we didn't have an ant problem in our homes.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The third book in the STRANGE ENCOUNTERS series, SEA SWITCH, is finished!

I ran off a copy last night after reading and editing the whole book. It came to 140 pages.

SEA SWITCH will feature a villain named Sebastian Mooncraft. He's a rival of Cassie's father, and he has a sleezy cable show called MOONCRAFT'S MIRACLES. This is how I describe Mooncraft: He was way tall, over six-five, and wore a formal black suit and yellow tie. He had heavy eyebrows, a shaved head and a gold hoop in one ear. Sort of a cross between a basketball star and a pirate.

I had lots of fun writing about mermaids, mer-guys and other strange creatures under the sea.

Here are some of the chapter titles for SEA SWITCH:

A Glimmer of Magic
Giggling Eels
Magic Alive!
A Brave New Vision
Politeness Counts
Prehistoric Poop
Switcheroo #2

Now I'm off to the post office to mail SEA SWITCH to my editor.