Friday, June 17, 2005


Before I announce the winners, I want to say that choosing them was SO difficult because there were around 300 entries.

The essays were well-written, funny and wonderful. If you didn't win this time, enter my "MAGIC UNDER THE SEA" essay contest in the Fall to celebrate the release of Strange Encounters #3: SEA SWITCH, where a wicked mermaid turns Cassie Strange into a mermaid. Check in August for details.

I'd like to thank my co-judges, picture book authors Verla Kay and Dana Kessimakis Smith. It was a big job to choose winners among so many fantastic essays. In fact, choosing was so difficult, instead of 5 third place winners, I picked 12. Also there was a tie for second place, so two entrants will receive $50. I plan to contact the winners by mail or phone soon. Then with their permission, I'll post a few here.

Here are the winning essays:
FIRST PlACE: My Alien Week by Kimberly Paquette

SECOND PLACE: (A tie!) My Alien Pet by Jori Silber & My Astonishing Alien by Michelle Vaisman

Chub by Erin Anderson
The Adventures of a Boy and His Pet Max by Kortney Walton
My Alien Pet by Sydney Ippolito
Morpha Ova by Maria L. Hodge
My New Alien Pet by Rachael Eberle
My Alien Adventures by Jackie Thelen
Star Surfer by Emily Ann Smith
Describe an Alien Pet by Kayla Gibbs
Jig My Alien Pet by Rebecca Tracy,
My Alien Pet by Timothy Brown Jr.
Koalaroo by Amriz Molina
Alien Pet by Jonathan Melchiorre

Congratulations to everyone who entered! You're amazing writers!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Alien Essay Contest Update


I've now had a chance to read all the (approx. 300) entries and am waiting on the final judging decision of my two assistant judges, Verla Kay and Dana Kessimakis Smith. The entries were ALL so creative and wonderful, picking a few dozen for this final round was very difficult. I am very impressed with the writing of all entrants. Amazing!

Since the entries were SO well-written, I'm increasing the number of third prizes from five to ten.

Also I've decided to offer another essay contest this Fall to celebrate the September release of my mermaid fantasy-adventure, SEA SWITCH, where Cassie Strange goes on a quest for mermaids and becomes one. The theme will be "Magic Under the Sea." I'll post the info on my website in August.

Don't forget I also have an ongoing contest on my website which only has about a dozen entrants for the July 4th book giveaway. All you have to do is send an email to enter this raffle contest.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. I'll post contest results as soon as I get them.