Tuesday, April 18, 2006

To Fans of The Seer

I've been getting some questions from fans about the next The Seer book and wanted to let anyone interested know what's going on.

Sword Play just came out and I'm happy to hear that many readers have enjoyed it.

No news yet on a 5th book, but I've been in touch with my editor who is trying to convince the publishers to contract another book. The title would probably be KISS AND KILL and solve Nona's problems plus heat up the growing romance between Dominic and Sabine. Lots of favorite characters will be back, adding to conflict on a weekend horseback camping trip. I just hope Llewellyn asks me to write this book.

Fans can let Llewellyn Worldwide in Minnesota know they'd like anotherbook -- that might help.

While you're waiting look for my cloning mysteries, Regeneration and my alternate-world mystery DOUBLE VISION. Most of my books can be ordered online or ask your local bookstore.

Linda Joy Singleton

Sunday, April 09, 2006


The fourth THE SEER is out early! SWORD PLAY opens with a ghost and ends with a deadly battle. Check out Amazon or B/N to see the cover and description.

By the way, I post more often on my Live Journal site at www.LiveJournal.com/users/LindaJSingleton

See you there. Linda