Saturday, August 17, 2013

Will you remember yourself in the future?

If you're a teen reading this, you may think you will definitely remember your pets, your phone number, your best friends, your teachers and everything about yourself in twenty, thirty...fifty years from now. And if you're lucky you will.

My memory isn't that great, and I seemed to know this when I was a teen.

Here's a journal entry I found from when I was 14:

(Writing it to myself)

Since sometime in the future you'll forget all about yourself, I'd better tell you about yourself.
* You're 14.
* Lori Leann Jones is your best friend.
* I have a small kitten named Toby. Powder Puff has adopted it. The kitten even tries to nurse on her. He's gray.
* Recently Lori and I have been making yarn dolls. My recentest is a genie. I named her Jeanie Lorraine. She's real cute. I'm making an alligator but he isn't turning out well.
* This June 24th I'll be really having fun at Lori's garden club picnic. It's going to be so fun.
* I've been waiting weeks for Margaret Sutton to write. So far she hasn't. Boo hoo! I wonder if she's getting tired of writing (to me). I sure hope not.

(I have to add this next entry)....

June 15th -- Margaret Sutton wrote!

(She was my favorite author and also gone now she'll always be my favorite). You can read more about her at

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