Sunday, April 10, 2005


Just two months away before THE SEER #2 LAST DANCE comes out.

It's always so hard to wait. I want the book out yesterday. Or even tomorrow. But it's not scheduled until June. I don't even have an advance copy of it -- and my publisher sent some out to select reviewers. I had an email from a bookstore owner who had read one of these advance copies and she loved the book. I wanted to scream, "How come you have a copy and I don't?" But I restrained myself. "Be patient," I told myself.

Then I did an online search and found a copy of LAST DANCE for sale from a secondhand store. Quick as a keystroke, I dashed off my credit card and info and ordered the book....only to get an email a short while later that they didn't have the book after all.

So it's back to waiting. WAITING!! I really hate it!

Oh well...I'll be busy next week since I'm doing Galt High's career day on Friday. Next talk is June 15th at Lodi Writers. Then nothing in July except that on July 16th the Harry Potter #6 comes out. I can't wait! (Geez...I hate waiting).


Jessica McCurdy Crooks said...


I hope you get that book soon. Luckily, you have other things to do to take your mind off the wait...:-)

Linda Joy Singleton said...

Thanks, Jessica!

Dotti Enderle who has a series with Llewellyn called FORTUNE TELLERS CLUB just got an advance copy of #8 in that series which is due out in May. So I should get my copies of my book about a month early too. Can't wait until May!

Anonymous said...

i was out looking for harry potter sites to get ideas for mine... and somehow landed here. still haven't figured out the search engines. anyway... looks good.
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