Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stay Tuned for COntest

For SEER fans who have been waiting nearly 3 years for a 6th THE SEER, MAGICIAN'S MUSE will be released Oct. 1st.

It's already available for preorder (which looks great to my publisher) from (or request preorder from any bookstore).

I'm planning a release celebration contest soon. Stay tuned!


(Helen) Kiaya said...

There's gonna be a 6th Seer? SCORE.

Anonymous said...

when? because i am very exited

Danna Smith said...

Yay! Awesome cover!

Linda Joy Singleton said...

Helen--the 6th SEER comes out Oct 1st (or probably mid-September for preorders). The contest will simply be something like tell me your favorite THE SEER and why and you're entered in a random drawing to win autographed books. I won't get copies of #6 until September so may just offer a set of THE SEER and DEAD GIRL. What do you think would make readers enter?

Zoey Ari Mason said...

i would enter for a set. i love this series. thankyou so much for writing it.

Anonymous said...

Will It be available in French?

I love your books ! :D

Linda Joy Singleton said...

Yes, it should come out in French but I have no idea out long that will take.

I just posted the contest on this blog for a chance to win an advance copy of MAGICIAN'S MUSE.


Anonymous said...

If someone won the contest when would they get it?

Linda Joy Singleton said...

That contest ended, but there's currently another contest to win #6 MAGICIAN'S MUSE advance copy.

Rules are at (may need to scroll down)

Basically just send an email to with your guess as to which teen guy who is a minor character and was NOT in the first two books is killed in #6.

The winner will be contacted on July 31st. This advance copy is not the finished book, although very close. So you may want to pre-order MAGICIAN'S MUSE from your bookstone or sites like Amazon soon -- preorders will most likely get the books in late September.