Friday, July 06, 2012

This is where I am: A tiny town at the edge of OR and Idaho. I've been visiting my picture-book-author-friend Verla Kay for a few days and we've been having a great time. Our hubbies get along great, too. The weather has been perfect, no hotter than 80 with cool breezes. And it's lovely here with rolling green hills and a friendly town right out of Mayberry. So far I've: * Took aa walk on a dirt road that used to be a railroad track * Road on a ferry boat ride on 4th of July * Walked a golf course while hubby played 9 holes & I found 12 lost balls (not his) * Played cards * Went to a casino where one of us won $300 on a piggy penny slot (not me) I also finished reading two books so far, both of them advance copies which I'll review later: SCARLET by Marissa Meyer (ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY LOVED IT!) and SPY AND LIAR by Rebecca Stead which was a quiet, enjoyable read with twist at end. I just started EVERY DAY by Levithan which has an intriguing story of a guy who wakes up every morning in someone else's body. Anyone who has read my DEAD GIRL trilogy knows I love books about body switching, and just a few pages in this book and I'm already intrigued and eager to read more. When I read YA books I enjoy and learn, always studying why something works. Writing is a continual learning process, and I consider myself lucky that my education (reading books!) is so much fun.

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