Saturday, June 01, 2013

Have you ever tried to remember a movie you watched as a kid?

I just solved my own mini-movie mystery that has eluded me for decades.

As a kid (and adult actually) I am crazy about everything CAT. I have cat pictures, figurines, wall hangings in my office. When I was little I would listen out of my window for sounds of lost kittens that I longed to rescue and love. There wasn't much on TV about cats, though, so when I watched this animated cat movie with a white cat in love with a country cat, I fell in love, too. But as an adult whenever I tried to remember this film, it always sounded a lot like Aristocats and I wondered if my memory was just faulty.

This morning while waking up I thought of it again and was sure it wasn't Aristocats so started doing searches online for what I could remember. I knew the cat was white and it was set in Paris and I thought the cat's name was something like Minuette -- not Duchess like Aristocats. Still my searches kept coming up with Aristocats. I thought it came out in the 80's...but I was wrong. Turns out the movie I was thinking of came out in 1962--which explains why I haven't seen it since I was a child. It felt great to finally find it thanks to Google. It has the voice of Judy Garland and is called Gay Purr-ee. I have just ordered a DVD and will share it with the little cat-lovers in my life.

Oh, and the cat's name was Mewsette.

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