Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Today I got the cover for THE SEER #2. LAST DANCE in the mail. It's done in the same style as DON'T DIE, DRAGONFLY, but with a gold wedding ring instead of a dragonfly.

I was surprised my publisher decided to use the wedding ring for the cover as that's a very small scene in the book. But when I think about the plot, that ring led to a girl's death and a ghostly haunting which psychic Sabine Rose investigates.

I'm going bowling tonight and am at my daughter's place right now. There are peacocks strutting outside, four dogs and a barn with around 40 pigs. Our own future home is in the early construction stage and just a short walk up a nearby hill. When our house is finished next year I'll have a 2nd story office with a view of a distant lake, hundreds of oak trees and my favorite towing pine tree I named Big Red.

I'll be posting the new cover to my website. Let me know if you like it.

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