Thursday, November 18, 2004


I have decided to reveal a deep dark publishing secret.
Unfortunately, because of a secrecy clause I signed when I joined The Royal
Order of Butt in Chair Obsessive Writers
, I can't write this secret down.
So I have hidden the secret in one of my books.

Here are the clues to discovering the ONE THING that I do every day that resulted in my selling over 25 books:

* Look inside my purple book with a winged bug cover.
* Flip to Page 24.
* Go to Paragraph 8.
* The third word.

Once you know this secret, you will be a member of the ROBICOW Club.
Go forward and share your words with the world.
Stay tuned for the secret ROBICOW initiation test.

1 comment:

Jasmine MoonWillow said...

That's funny, Linda!!!!! It's me, Jasmine Faery.