Friday, December 10, 2004


Yesterday I had a surprise package from UPS -- two advance copies of the second title my STRANGE ENCOUNTERS series, SHAMROCKED.

The book is a pretty shade of green and I love it! It's my tradition to read a new book right away, pretending like I'm a reader who doesn't know the story. So I read it last night and I think it's better than the first book in the series. The magical world inside Mount Shasta was fun to create.

Now I'm eager for the book to show up in stores -- probably in January. Although last time I had advance copies the actual book showed up in stores just a week or two later.

This means the contest in the back of STRANGE ENCOUNTERS #1. OH, NO! UFO will end January 1st, so anyone who wants to enter needs to do it soon. Ten winners will receive free copies of SHAMROCKED. There's also an ongoing contest on my website and the last winner, Shirley from VA, was given a free copy of DON'T DIE DRAGONFLY.

Happy holidays!

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