Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kid Writing Contest ends in a month!

"THE BODY SWAP WRITING CONTEST" for young writers!

Young writers have been asking for a writing contest -- and here it is!

Official Rules (feel free to share this on your favorite blogs & with friends)

In DEAD GIRL WALKING, DEAD GIRL DANCING and DEAD GIRL IN LOVE, 17 year old Amber swaps bodies with Ms. Popularity, Ms. College-Girl and her very own best friend.

Question: If you could temporarily trade bodies with anyone, who would you choose? Why? And what do you think the experience would be like?

Answer this question in 300 words or less, then submit your entry to:, stating that this is your original writing and that you have permission from your parents/guardian to enter and share your work on this author's blogs.

Include you age, full name, and contact information (email/address).

Contest ends on July 31st. First place & honorable mention winners will be announced in August on this blog.

1st place: $100 plus autographed book!

Five honorable mentions will win either a free DEAD GIRL, THE SEER or STRANGE ENCOUNTERS book of their choice, autographed by Linda Joy Singleton. And the winning entries will be posted on LJS's blog(s).

A panel of published authors will select the winning entries.

Entrants must be between ages 9 to 19. One entry per person.

Please share this announcement with librarians, teachers, parents and any young writers you know. If you have questions, email



Hi Linda, how are you? I was just wondering if I can interview you on my blog site:

If you're interested e-mail me at
or you can just comment on my blog..thanks :)



Hey Linda, I'm just letting you know that I put up the interview on my blog

Thanks again! You're awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be only one winner from the ages 9-19, or are there going to be winner age groups?

Linda Joy Singleton said...

To answer Annoynmous -- yes, there will be one first place winner from ages 9 to 19. But there will also be other winners (at least 5) who will receive autographed books.

So far not many entries, so the odds for winning something are good.

Enter soon!

Anonymous said...

Would the honorable mentions be posted here as well as the winner?

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