Saturday, February 12, 2005

Arizona and Oedipus

Things have been busy lately.

Last week I spoke to a great school in Arizona called Topock Elementary.

After an introduction from the Principal and a teacher named Angel, I started off with overhead pictures for about 25 minutes, then showed stories I wrote as a kid and answered questions. I talked about the upcoming #3 Strange Encounters, SEA SWITCH, and showed the class a rough sketch of the future book cover. Then I read the chapter where Cassie meets a mermaid. Afterwards, I signed books, answered more questions and talked to four more classes. I had a great time!!

Then a few days ago I went to college with my son Andy. He had a part in a "reader's theater" of the Greek tragedy Oedipus (a really gruesome, sad story). Soon the teacher announced that their "Star" who played Oedipus wasn't there. Next thing I know, my son is taking that part and reading it with great dramatic ability. After about 20 minutes, the "Star" showed up, so my son switched back to his regular role. I was really proud of Andy.

MOOD: Itchy cause I have an allergic reaction to scorpion weed (like poison oak)
BOOK I JUST READ: See You Down the Road by Kim Ablon Whitney
BOOK I'LL READ NEXT: Eragon by Christopher Paolini

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