Friday, February 25, 2005

Bridge to Magic

The good news is that my editor read my manuscript for the 3rd THE SEER, WITCH BALL, and she loved it. Big relief! When I turned in the 2nd THE SEER, she wasn't excited at first and I had to do a lot of revisions. The revisions really improved the story and readers should really love all the magic, ghosts and romance when it comes out in June.

Now back to writing the STRANGE ENCOUNTERS series....
I've started to write the 4th book. My title (unless the publisher changes it) will be GHOST BRIDGE.

Here's how I describe the book:
A bridge to magic blasts Cassie back in time – to the 1970’s!
London Bridge is falling down again--and Cassie Strange is swept up in a magical mystery involving a bunny, a missing girl and TIME TRAVEL!

Here's the opening line so far:
When I saw the purple envelope, I knew something exciting was going to happen.

I only have six pages written, but it's a good start.

As I type this morning, my lovely white cat Lily is curled and purring on my lap. There's a picture of her on my website if you jump around to find the "Linda Facts" link.

Well I'm off in a few hours to enjoy sun, surf and WRITERS. I'm going to a writing conference near Monterey where I'll listen to talks from editors, agents and famous mystery author Nancy Werlin. Her books BLACK MIRROR and DOUBLE HELIX are great!


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Watch out for those purple envelopes!

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