Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sisters In Crime and Fairsite School

I'm going to a Sisters-In-Crime meeting this afternoon. I've been reading mysteries since my first Judy Bolton and Nancy Drew as a kid, and continue to love this genre. The Sacramento Sisters-In-Crime group is great and we've had some fantastic speakers, like detectives, crime scene investigators, fire inspectors and many authors (including me). Today we're going to talk about publishing and submitting manuscripts.

Yesterday I spoke at Fairsite School in Galt to 4th graders about the writing contest I'm judging. This will be my 10th year with this contest, and this year my co-judge is Dana K. Smith who has a wonderful picture book out from Hyperion about a boy pretending to be a cowboy. She spoke to 3rd graders and read them an advance copy of her next book with the same little boy blasting off into space. Afterwards Dana, her daughter Olivia, the librarian Mrs. Sweeny and I went out to lunch.

One of the questions the kids asked during the Q&A was, "What's it like to be an author?"
The answer is, "Fun!"

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