Friday, August 27, 2004

Good and Bad List for Today

Good things that happened today:

* I wrote a new chapter on SEA SWITCH
* My writer friend Verla is visiting
* I'm reading a fun book, HATCHING MAGIC
* I got flyers for MISTLETOE MADNESS by Miriam Hees
in the mail -- I have a story called
STALKING SNOWMAN in this anthology.
More on this as:

Bad things that happened today:

* I ate too much chocolate
* I lost at Up & Down card Game ...
not that I care, but I needed
something else for this list.
* It was very hot -- almost 100 degrees...
which would have been good news if
I'd been near a lake or pool.
But I wasn't.

Good things that I'm looking forward to:

* I'll write more and finish SEA SWITCH.
* My best frriend's daughter Nicole is
going to have a baby girl anyday now.
* I can't wait to get copies of my next
book, DON'T DIE, DRAGONFLY in the mail.
* Getting fan letters for my two new series.


loveroflife44 said...

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Shawn T Lippert said...

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