Monday, August 02, 2004

Welcome to Linda Joy Singleton's Blog!

This is my first time to do a blog and I'm not really sure what to say. I used to keep diaries as a kid, which I still have, and back then they were pretty boring. Here's a sample from November 1971: Went to school. Did tumbling and beam. Played with Lori. Watched TV. Not too exciting, huh? Lori is still my best friend, by the way.

I think I'll start off this by talking about books since I love reading, writing and collecting them.

I just finished reading a really great kid's book by Cornelia Funke called DRAGON RIDER. I've already read her THIEF LORD and INKHEART, so knew I'd love this book, too. I liked that it ended with a hint of more adventure to come, so I bet there's a sequel.

I love series and sequels because when you read about characters you enjoy it's fun to see what happens next. That's why I write series books, too. I just got a great evaluation today from a 15 year old reviewer who said the first book in my THE SEER series was exciting and a page-turner. I sure hope other readers feel that way, too.

Well that's all for today. It's late and I have to decide what book to read next.....

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