Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Mermaid's Spell

I've been writing on the third STRANGE ENCOUNTERS book, tenatively titled SEA SWITCH. I've learned to discipline myself and write almost every weekday. A few pages add up to a few chapters, which eventually adds up to a finished book. It takes me 3-6 months to complete a book.

Today I'm making up a spell for the wicked mermaid to say when she transforms my character Cassie into a mermaid. This is what I have so far, but it will probably change in the final rewrite:

Mystic spirits of the deep,
bound forever secrets keep.
Burning fire under sea,
summon magick destiny.
Stormy tides of moon and night,
bid my call, let dark ignite
Powers old, from depths that dwell,
let souls exchange -- cast sea switch spell.

My picture book author friend, Verla Kay, helped me with the last lines.

I still may need to rewrite...but then I totally believe the famous saying about good books not being written, but REwritten. (Sigh...I do a lot of rewriting.)

Back to work...

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Anonymous said...

hi it worked here is anthoer spell. go it the sea and say,make me a mermaid when i touch water i will become a mermaid but when i am dry i am a human i would like the tail colour of _ and the power of_ then come out dry yourself then the side effets are: itcy legs, vomiting, singing good, nalis changing color [ don't be freaked out] and scales.done hope it works