Monday, August 23, 2004


I've been up for two hours already and haven't written yet. Instead I've been procrastinating.

My hands-down obsessively favorite procrastination is...EMAIL! And I get a lot of email since I belong to a bunch of writing listservs. And I also post a lot on Verla Kay's bulletin board and hang out in her chatroom with other writers.

Procrastination should be a FOUR-LETTER word...instead it has so many letters than I can procrastinate just by writing "procrastinate" -- playing with the letters to make words like satin, stain and opera. Ah--a
new form of procrastination! Wonder how many words I can make....

Hey, I did do something constructive this morning. I mentally worked on my book while in the shower. I came up with an idea for a buck-tooth mermaid who has a pet sea dragon. I get lots of ideas while in the shower.

Well I should be writing on #3 STRANGE ENCOUNTERS, SEA SWITCH right to stop procrastinating and write....

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